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Dragon Tattoos

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Why choose a Dragon Tattoo ?

Beyond the imaginary style that our ephemeral dragon tattoos offer, temporary designs have many advantages. The most obvious of these is of course that the ink is not embedded in the skin. Because of this, if you're hesitant to get a real tattoo that will be a part of your being indefinitely, it may be a good idea to opt for an ephemeral tattoo beforehand. 🐉

Express yourself aesthetically with our works of art that are placed on your body, an ephemeral dragon tattoo brings you a unique decoration and will be part of you for a limited time. Here is a small list of the different advantages of ephemeral tattoos compared to traditional tattoos:

No needles, no pricks on the skin and therefore no pain.
It is a temporary art, excellent for a special occasion (events).
You have the privilege of changing the design and choosing another area of the skin to be tattooed.
Ephemeral tattoos are sometimes more suitable than permanent tattoos for certain skins (diseases, allergies).

What does an ephemeral Dragon Tattoo mean ?

The dragon is a legendary beast often represented as a superior being of ancient times. Our dragon ephemera tattoos embody this symbol of power and might. Women and men alike can afford to own this temporary art that imbues them with an uncommon style. Ideally, an ephemeral dragon tattoo is a source of inspiration giving ideas to their wearers who wish to have a glimpse before making an eternal tattoo.

In Eastern culture, the dragon has beneficial characteristics and virtues such as luck, prosperity and strength. The splendor of the dragon and the myths about it often associate it with other creatures (phoenix) and elements of nature (flowers). Depending on the combinations, the meanings of the dragon ephemera tattoo may differ or strengthen.