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Dragons in Greek Mythology

The dragons of Greek mythology are different from the winged creatures depicted in the folk tales and legends we are used to knowing. They were more like serpentine monsters, the majority of which do not have the ability to fly like classical dragons. The Greeks split dragons into three categories of family: The Dracones: giant snakes, usually possessing deadly venom and […]

How to draw fantasy dragons with a touch of realism

Artist Lindsey Alvord shares her tips for creating fantastic dragons from your imagination. With these tips for drawing each part and referencing real animals to give your creations credibility, you’ll be designing your own creatures in no time! So, you want to draw dragons, but you don’t know where to start?That’s not a problem, after all, […]

Dragon Quotes & Sayings

Dragons are mythical creatures that have appeared in countless stories and legends. Across many different cultures, these fierce monsters have fueled epic adventures, either as powerful allies or as formidable foes. Listed below are some of the most famous quotes and saying about dragons. May these be an inspiration to continue your journey with the determination of […]

Japanese Dragon : Myths and Legends

Far from our fire-breathing Western dragon ????, the Japanese dragon is nonetheless a fascinating and emblematic creature of the Land of the Rising Sun. It occupies an important place in Asian mythology where many legends refer to this force of nature. The Japanese dragon, also called ryū (龍) or tatsu (竜), is a serpentine creature that does not have […]

Everything you need to know about Dragons

What were dragons like in the past? To find it out, we went back several centuries, to the time when it was widely believed that dragons existed. At the beginning of our research, we thought that all dragons had wings, claws and a reptile tail. But this was not the case. Some dragons looked more […]


Deciphering the meaning of the most beautiful dragon tattoos is not a simple thing given the richness and complexity of the symbolism of this creature. However, we will do our best! The dragon with its fabulous scales has always had a very strong symbolic power in most countries and cultures. Although its representation as a protector varies, […]

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