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Discover our collection of Dragon rings, specialy designed for the fans of the mythical beast.

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Fantasy Looking Dragon Rings

No one has ever seen dragons, yet their myths have endured for centuries. Revered by some cultures and feared by others, we have frozen their spectacular forms forever in time in our ring designs. Dragon Naga offers you a wide selection of Dragon Ring, in silver, stainless steel and quality alloys. Formidable fashion accessory, our Dragon Rings arouse curiosity, sometimes available in several colors or shapes. There is something for everyone, designed for both women and men. 💍

Men Dragon Ring

The man dragon ring is a whimsical treasure, perfect as jewelry for the male gender, it transcends your aura and elevates your style to the next level. Our selection features dragon rings that are more understated, but just as classy, some of which light up at night. Premium quality, our dragon rings can be worn for any occasion. Our jewelry is one of a kind, you won’t find it in a store. Our dragon rings are brought to life by these ancient legends that are still popular today. If you feel like learning more about the Chinese Dragon, feel free to visit our dragon blog. 🐲

Women’s Dragon Ring

We know that women love jewelry and our collection features the most beautiful range of women’s dragon ring. Some are unisex for shared enjoyment, and some are specially forged for women. The dragon ring comes delicately to adorn your finger, symbol of courage and wisdom, they bring you a touch of timeless exoticism. Dragon rings specially designed for lovers of the fantasy, medieval, punk and gothic genre. 💍 When and how to wear the dragon ring? It’s simple, most of the rings are versatile, meaning they are suitable for everyday wear.

Chinese Dragon Ring

The ancient Chinese considered the dragon to be the most powerful of all symbols of energy and good fortune. They considered it a harbinger of incredible good fortune, prosperity, abundance, continued success and great achievements. It was said to represent powerful providential powers, especially the control of rains, floods and hurricanes. With a Chinese dragon ring on your fingers, luck will smile upon you. 💍🐉

The dragon is still a very popular symbol that represents bravery, heroism, boldness, self-confidence, power, excellence, perseverance, nobility, vitality and happiness. It brings well-being and physical and spiritual strength. It is linked to the spring season and represents auspiciousness and new beginnings. Together with the phoenix, the dragon symbolizes perfect balance. ☯ Often, an engraving is inscribed inside the dragon ring, conferring beneficial properties on the bearer.

The dragon is a symbol of Yang and the phoenix of Yin and their union is representative of good fortune, success, love and enlightenment. Chinese dragons are often depicted with a pearl under their chin. The pearl is generally said to symbolize wealth, prosperity and great fortune, while some mystics believe it represents wisdom, enlightenment and truth. While most other cultures only consider the dragon as an essential part of their folklore, the dragon symbol is still deeply rooted in Chinese culture. It is a revered figure that continues to be identified with excellence, success and wealth. Some dragon rings hold a rather impressive cultural history that is filled with meaning. 🔥

Gold Dragon Ring

The gold dragon ring is very chic, its golden adornment reflects pure elegance. Yellow in color, many of our dragon rings are gold plated. In traditional Oriental jewelry, gold is often used as a symbol of nobility and high rank. Mixed with the shape of the dragon, a gold ring reaches its peak. You’ll often find jewelry with precious metals, featuring a part of the dragon’s body, such as a :

    • Dragon head ring
    • Dragon eye ring

Dragon claw ring

Dragon armor ring

Dragon scale ring

Dragon egg ring

Gold comes in many forms of jewelry, such as earrings, pendants, necklaces or anklets, yet it has never lost its value over time. In fact, its quality is very appreciable. However, gold, in its pure nature, is malleable and can be easily distorted, especially when force is used against it. However, with gold plated solutions, these drawbacks are corrected and you have access to a more affordable gold jewelry. 💍🐉

Silver Dragon Ring

The silver dragon ring is more delicate and less showy than gold, however it is just as aesthetically pleasing, sometimes see more appealing. The 925 sterling silver is precious and coveted, the silver tone is modern and goes with almost any type of clothing style. You’ll find sophisticated silver dragon rings with polished metal, symbolizing once again, well-being and prosperity. 💍🐉

Stainless Steel Dragon Ring

A stainless steel jewel with the unique ability to resist stains and corrosion, these steel rings also hold other benefits, such as:

  • Resistance to high and low temperatures
  • Hygienic properties
  • Lifecycle
  • Aesthetics
  • Strength

Sometimes set with zirconium or adorned with cubic zirconia stones, a stainless steel dragon ring knows how to please and convince. Our wide selection contains women’s rings and men’s rings made of stainless steel 316L. This material is even more durable, and it keeps a great look. 💍🐉

Zirconium Dragon Ring

The zirconium stone is the keystone of the dragon ring, offering a new and different look to the jewelry. Much more affordable than diamond, cubic zirconia is a semi-precious stone that comes to adorn our dragon rings. Its prestige and elegance are very similar to the colorless gem that is the rough diamond. 💎 As for its color hues, zircon has nothing to envy to other gems, its tones are very attractive. Since the zircon stone is easily handled, its designs have the advantage of being multiple and original. Embedding it in alloy, steel or silver becomes easy, besides, zirconium rings are more durable and resistant than those made of other materials or minerals.

Dragon signet ring

The history of the signet ring is fascinating, it is one of the most important jewelry creations of all time. The signet ring is a ring design that houses a raised flat face on a band. Usually an image or icon is engraved on top, intended to signify something memorable, such as a person’s initials, a family crest, a coat of arms or a meaningful symbol. Heraldry has its origins in part in the symbols, military and national insignia used in ancient Egypt, Rome and England. These personal seals on signet rings and seal holders were discovered in ancient Mesopotamian society. In our collection of dragon signet rings, you will find a beautiful variety, such as the:

    • Men’s Silver Dragon Signet Ring
    • Men’s Dragon Signet Ring

Dragon Head Signet Ring

Vintage Signet Ring

Aesthetic appeal, expresses a great deal of information. The Dragon Knight represents a connection to an ancient past and a symbol of pride in an enduring family heritage. Found in many cultures, their exquisite shapes make them true miniature works of art. For thousands of years, people have used symbols on signet rings to express and communicate the things that are most meaningful to them, creating bonds of identification, love, friendship, affiliation, promise, rebellion. Dragon signet rings all serve as personal statements and are often striking and surprising. 💍🐉

A Dragon Ring to Rule Them All

The dragon ring is a timeless fashion accessory whose trend is unlikely to fade thanks to pop culture. Dragon series, movies, books and video games are coming soon. A dragon jewel adapted to all tastes, biker, Celtic, fantasy, gothic, punk, steampunk, rock, ethnic… Know that you can make jewelry associations, a dragon ring will go strongly with a dragon necklace for a homogeneous flaming look. It’s up to you to choose your rare pearl from our dragon rings, the one that suits your style!