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Dragon Statues & Figures

Dragon Incense Burner Serpent Statue
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Dragon Incense Burner Serpent Statue

Dragon Figure GOT 60cm Statue
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Dragon Figure GOT 60cm Statue

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Grab your Dragon Figure and complete your collection !

They're coming, here come the Dragons! The power and grace of these majestic creatures can be found in our figurines. The dragon is a symbol in all cultures, and is present in many stories and mythologies. If you are looking to complete or start a collection of Dragon Figurines, we will make it easy for you with our special selection. Our assortment consists of unique and fanciful pieces, handmade with different materials such as metal, resin and plastic (PVC).


We offer you a wide variety of Dragon Figures to add to your room or home. Whether they are fearsome or gentle, big or small, we are sure to have the right Dragon Figure for your needs. Hunt and find the dragon of your dreams, the one you wish to tame or have by your side. They can be found on a shelf, on your desk or in a window. They are an original decorative element for people who are passionate about the medieval-fantasy genre and imaginary creatures.


Dragons are amazing medieval beasts, but not only that, their physical forms vary according to legends and cultures. Our Dragon Figurines are available in a multitude of colors, different shades that are pleasing to the eye. The careful details and finishes give the dragon figurines a special, magical and eye-catching charm. Their postures are natural and varied. Attacking dragon figurines are an excellent choice for more aggressive decorating, while resting dragon figurines are elegant options.


Simple, our dragon figurines are imbued with their protective powers. In Asian culture, owning a dragon brings you luck and happiness in life. In addition, some are benevolent (oriental dragon), others more ferocious (European dragon), they protect your treasures. When properly placed around other valuables or other dragon statues and figurines, they create unique medieval and fantasy scenes.

These Dragon Figurines are a perfect choice for decorating your home, whether you add them to a medieval tabletop, a typical bookcase, or include them in your own dragon figurine collection. Fans of all ages will also enjoy our dragon figurines above, making them great gifts for special events and holidays, like birthdays and Christmas. 🐉